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We met at Church. McKenna was in the choir. Spencer was moving to Central Florida from Hollywood, CA. At various church events Spencer and McKenna both started pursuing one another and trying to find out more information from friends and family. 


Thanks to the wonders of social media McKenna found Spencer on Facebook and friend requested him. Within minutes the two were chatting away on social media platforms. Spencer invited McKenna to Cracker Barrel restaurant on Christmas Eve for breakfast. Their first date went great and they chatted for nearly three hours. Spencer walked McKenna to her car and asked her for a second date. She agreed and next year they got married. 


As a couple they love playing games (especially chess), drinking wine, going to the beach, attending church, eating out, and talking about life and theology together. They look forward to raising a family soon, Lord willing.

Spencer & McKenna moved to Edmond, Oklahoma in the summer of 2022. Spencer accepted a new job offer with the YouVersion Bible App and Life.Church as their filmmaking leader. McKenna has established her event business in the greater Oklahoma City region.



McSpence Family

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