Past Festival Events & Winners

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Past Winners

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Festival Event - February 2022
Feature Film

1st Place: Pessoas
2nd Place: The Burrow

3rd Place: After The Incident

Hard Faith™

1st Place: √√ Last Seen

2nd Place: Breaking Strongholds

3rd Place: The Way to Hawassa

Short Film

1st Place: Old Friends and Other Days
2nd Place: Barrier

3rd Place: Post(-)


Documentary Film

1st Place: Down The Road

2nd Place: Alaska Long Hunters

3rd Place: Liveaboard


Student Film

1st Place: Rocks

2nd Place: Amici Novum

3rd Place: About Love

2022 Winners

Festival Event - May 2022

Feature Film

1st Place: Charlie Rackett and the Evil Sorcerer Killer


Hard Faith™

1st Place: Hit List // The Love Project

2nd Place: Coming After Me

3rd Place: Three Minor Prophets

Honorable Mention: God of Dreams

Short Film

1st Place: Uncut

2nd Place: ROMANCE

3rd Place: Olive


Documentary Film

1st Place: Send Proof

2nd Place: Shoveling Pixie Dust: a Memoir

3rd Place: Lui Na Greine "Window of a Sunset"


Student Film

1st Place: Faith Lane
2nd Place: Lovely Life

3rd Place: Passage

Shadow on Concrete Wall

2021 Winners

Festival Event - November 2021

Feature Film

1st Place: Emily or Oscar?
2nd Place: George M. Cohan Tonight!

3rd Place:To Be MELO

Jury Award: VORTEX the dawn of sovereignty

Honorable Mention: THE LADY

Hard Faith™

1st Place: The Little Vagabond

2nd Place: The Dec1sion

3rd Place: Sanctuary: Part III

Short Film

1st Place: Luminous Dreams
2nd Place: Jump

3rd Place: No Taming of Night

Jury Award: Sing With Me

Honorable Mention: Dessert


Documentary Film

1st Place: Remembering Private Quagliano

2nd Place: Ama'ara - the Song of the Whales

3rd Place: Built lands

Honorable Mention: LA LIXEIRA (the dump)


Student Film

1st Place: Codependent

2nd Place: Selftherapy

3rd PlaceTwo Pandemics