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Books by McKenna

Children and young adult books full of fantastical tales.
Come along on the adventure and fall in love with reading as you go. 

The Adventures Of Marjorie The Duckling

- Marjorie finds her Momma -
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Meet The Author

McKenna wrote her first children’s book when she was 10 years old. Using craft paper, staples, and markers, she turned her words into a little book and read it to any young child who would listen.


Since then, McKenna has dreamed of writing another children’s book and making it available to others. In the beginning of 2022, a new book idea struck McKenna and The Adventures Of Marjorie The Duckling was born.


McKenna graduated from Cornell University, is the owner of Events By McKenna, is married to Spencer Folmar, and is a dog mom to Rover the golden retriever. 


Marjorie the Duckling is a delight for kids and the parents who have the pleasure of reading it to them. With beautiful illustrations and a meaningful lesson, families will treasure this book for generations.

Amber Shimel, Amber Likes

I read Marjorie to my three boys - youngest 5, oldest 9 - and they were totally engrossed and in love with Marjorie and her friends! Their eyes were wide with anticipation and delight the whole book, and have asked since if there are more adventures to come. We all hope there are! Marjorie is so winsome and cute - just the sort of neighbor we all wish we had!

Holly Crumrine, Mother and Comedian

McKenna has created a warm and delightful story that clearly expresses the deep love a momma has for her children and the gift of being surrounded by true friends. I am looking forward to reading and following many more of Marjorie the Duckling’s adventures with my grandchildren!

Betsy Kreamer,
Children's Ministry Coordinator

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