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Guilt & Sentence, the feature film from SpenceTF Productions LLC is the depiction of this reality in the lives of two people, Janis and Peter, and the presentation of the compelling effects of manipulation and deception between them. We are our worst enemies. The real sentence doled out, however, is not the jail time, but the universal opportunity for redemption, regardless of the past or present.

Directed by: Spencer T. Folmar
Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes
Release year: 2010
Studio: SpenceTF Productions LLC
Rating: PG-13


We are our worst enemies. The greatest darkness we see in the world is often the film that shades our own eyes, blackens our own hearts and cripples our own movements. The harshness of the human condition is universal, and the bleak horizons painted in our minds are not without a degree of familiarity escapable by any person. Guilt & Sentence, the 2010 feature film from SpenceTF Productions LLC, is the depiction of this reality in the lives of two people, Janis Fehling and Peter Ackerman, and the presentation of the compelling effects of manipulation and deception between them.

Janis, her parents both killed in a back-country automobile crash just prior to the events of the film, is depressed. Her helplessness and dejection are known only to one person, Peter, her case manager-turned-companion. Peter has helped Janis pick up the pieces of her disrupted life, but the effects of her parents? untimely passing are all but killing her, too. Peter is the first to spot Janis' suicidal tendencies and sends a 911 team to her hotel room in time to hospitalize her after she slits her wrist.

It is apparent, however, that Janis is not the only victim in this film. Peter, too, is shouldering the impish weight of old pain and self-loathing. His devotion to Janis is more likely his own attempt to thinly veil the awkward loneliness of his past. Janis serves less as his real companion and more as a living magnet for his desperation to muddle through self-doubt and make do with shaky professionalism.

Peter?s only confidant is Brett Lyers, a serpentine attorney and constantly-enabling voice to Ackerman?s self-pity and evasion of responsibility. Brett encourages Peter to stop spending time with Janis on account that the little goodness he is trying to scrape from their relationship is not worth his time.

After Janis is discharged from her ward she asks Peter to drive her to the country cemetery where her parents have been buried in an attempt to do ?something about closure.? In the haze of her anti-depressants and a few swigs from Peter?s already-indulged flask, Janis is left barely coherent in the backseat as Peter careens down the old road. Also clearly intoxicated, Peter swerves beyond his control and runs down an old man, Donald Meyers, killing him on the spot. Awash with his own self-deception, he takes advantage of Janis? deteriorated state and convinces her that she was the one driving, and thus the one responsible for killing the heaped man on the road. The police arrive and breathalyze both of them, disregarding Ackerman?s drunkenness on account of Janis? defense that she was driving.

Janis is sentenced to four years in prison without parole, and while Peter escaped the jail time, the weight of his lie immediately begins to bear down upon him. Ackerman?s increasing mental and emotional deterioration prompts him to tell Brett everything in hopes of some sympathy and guidance. Following a night of especially heavy drinking, Peter is brought home by Brett and his roommate, Roger, and made to stay with them in hopes of lying low.

Meanwhile Janis is stuck in prison, her cell resting between two inmates who act as the angel and demon on her shoulders, mixing sympathy with dark cynicism. Janis remains steadfast in the certainty that Peter is not only on her side, but is now the only true friend she has. During her months inside she is introduced to The Gulag Archipelago, the famous account by Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn containing his musings on his life spent in Soviet prison. David, an insurance lawyer and old friend of her parents, arrives and explains that her case was not given much scrutiny at the time of her hearing, and that he would like to reopen the investigation in hopes of reversing her sentence.

At the same time Peter begins to slip into constant paranoia. When Peter receives an anonymous note explaining that his secret will be made public unless he perform an act of thievery for the blackmailer, Brett consoles him by saying that "He could've asked you to murder someone...? His stupor becomes spiked with panic. Peter is sent a key and safe combination and arrives at his destination at night, breaking into a lonely apartment to retrieve a collection of confidential documents. The tenant of the apartment catches him in the act and gives chase. Peter dodges out of the way and the assailant trips.

David visits Janis a final time with enough evidence to assert that the driver had to have been Peter. Janis is stricken, but the evidence and gut-feeling offered by David becomes increasingly incontrovertible. Meanwhile Peter flees from the scene of his attempted robbery and seeks refuge at his favorite bar. He jumps the counter and pulls out a pistol, frightened to the point of madness. The bartender talks him down and asks him to give himself up to the police.

He does, and is sentenced to ten years in prison following Janis? release. She visits him and explains that while she is disappointed in Peter, she is neither angry nor unwilling to forgive him. In a last-ditch effort to again evade the blame for his circumstances, Peter insists that the whole situation was Brett?s fault, due to his constant and malignant encouragement. Regardless, Janis offers Peter The Gulag Archipelago and a copy of the Bible. She exits after telling Peter that while all of the evil in the world cannot be conquered entirely; the individual evil in each person can be constrained, and encourages him to do so.

Guilt & Sentence articulates well the darkest part of the human condition: not that we murder, steal and manipulate, but that when faced with true anguish, we relish it. The real sentence doled out in this film, however, is not the jail time spent by either Janis or Peter, but the universal opportunity for redemption to both of them, regardless of their past or present. 

Daniel Mason
Stormi Rebo
Britt Reinke
Stephen Fenush
Kristyna Smulligan
Paul Monella
Jacob Strouse
E. Berhard Warg
Mark Hanslovan
Robert Hall
JoAnn Cirillo
Elizabeth Canner
Sandy Reinke
Leesa Folmar
AnnaLiese Nachman
Samantha Smitchko
Nicholas Dittman
Brandon Kephart
Kristen Jezek
Kimberly Hunter
Bob Cirillo
Thomas Mullen
Danielle Lewis
Andy Georgino
Katie Houston
Donnie Nardelli
Jeremiah Dobo
Thomas T. Folmar
James Glass
Joe Zelenky
Jason Valentine
Mathew Natoli
Bryan Houdeshell Jr.
Michael Hughes
Patricia Rebo
Spencer T. Folmar

Erick Karlson

Amanda Keifer

David Mason

Jeff J. Spanogle

Shelly Spanogle

Edward Long

Samantha Hanslovan

Eleyna Hanslovan

Noah Fry

Samuel Fry

Katelyn Keifer

Zachary Bordas

Steve Dobo

Peter Ackerman

Janis Fehling

Bret Lyers

Donald Meyers

Dr. Cindy Reams

David Bailey

Joe Patton

Roger Clemens

Young Peter




Tiffany Patton





Young Bret

Accident Woman

Peter’s Mother



Correctional Officer 1

Security Guard



Soup Kitchen Volunteer

Seth Patton

Police Officer 1

Police Officer 2

Police Officer 3

Correctional Officer 2

Correctional Officer 3

Homeless Lady

Band Leader

Jail Warden

Cellmate 1


Defense Attorney

Prosecuting Attorney


Bus Driver

Girls at Playground


Boys at Playground

Graveyard Mourners

Soup Kitchen Family


“Playground Scene”
Rhonda Hanslovan, Betty Fry, Heather Mitchell,
Andrew Mitchell, Isaac Mitchell, Peter Mitchell,
Robin Mitchell, Marilynn Kristofits,
Dalton Kristofits, Becky Schiefer, Ben Schiefer

“Jail Scene”
Joshua O’Link, Isaac March, Patrick Wood,
Shawna, Woods, Andrew Arnold, 

“Club Extras”
Chloe Bingham-Reinke, Drew McDowell,
Deborah Saggese, Daniel Bumbarger, Ellen Milaci,
AnnaMarie Nachman, Edward Nachman,
Jesse Nachman, Jason Spanogle, Beth Confer,
Caleb Cuneo, Keereea Veres, Andrew Georgino,
Nicholas Jon Coble, Ethen Tarner, Leesa Folmar, 
Tom Folmar, Megan Piotrowski, Renee Jones, 
Russel Woods, Shawna Woods, Katie Houston



 Spencer T. Folmar
Jason Spanogle
Nicholas Jon Coble

Spencer T. Folmar
Amanda Keifer
Ethen Tarner
Isaac March
Amber Hohman
Kimberly Hunter
Ellen Milacci
Patricia Rebo
Alyssa Fyock
Patrick Wood
Andrew Arnold
 Spencer T. Folmar
Jeffrey F. Spanogle
Dr. Kimberly Miller
Jason Spanogle
Holly Folmar
Jessica Sabol
Amber M. Shimel
Leesa M. Shimel
Nicholas Jon Coble
Gregory Hunter
Amber M. Shimel, M.S.W.
Chad A. Shimel, Esquire
Esquire Bonner
Timothy Nuttall
Bruce Coleman



Sound Mixer & Song Artist
Classical Song Artists
Color Corrector & Titler
Publicity Coordinator
Publicist Advisor
SpenceTF Intro Graphic
Website & T-Shirt Design 


Assistant Director

Script Supervisor
Set Coordinator
Set Production Assist.
Production Assistants

Makeup Artist
Best Boy Grip


Screenplay Advisor
Location Manager
Chief Script Editors

Script Editors

Casting Director
Social Work Advisor
Law & Legal Advisors

Film Equipment Advisor
Production Advisor


Spencer T. Folmar
Michael Hughes
Brian Schultz
Carrie & Taryn Harbridge
Andrew Embury
Leesa Folmar
Paul Monella
Jeff McIntosh
Cross & Crown Productions




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Gold Level:

  • Happy Events Photography - "Images By Jan"

  • Clayton Hetrick, CLU, ChFC

  • Scotto's Pizza, Clearfield, PA

  • The Shimel Family

  • Marge Spanogle

  • McDowell Repairs & Inspections

  • The Nachman Family

  • My 2nd Grandmother in Lanse

  • Larry & Margie Bumbardner


 “The Playground Scene”
 Lanse Evangelical Free Church
 Pastor Matt Mitchell

 “Motel Scene”
 Comfort Inn
 Delores Murray, Judy Hull,  Debbie(Straw) Wallace

 “Hotel Scene”
 Hampton Inn

 “Donalds’ House”
 Second Grandmother from  Lanse

 “Janis’s House”
 Charlie & Deb Saggese

 “Ambulance Scene”
 Clearfield EMS
 Terry Wigfield

 “Doctor’s Office Scene &  Psych  Ward”
 Clearfield Hospital
 Jon R. Steen
 Michael Yeager

 “Bar & Club Scene”
 Cooney’s Tavern
 Donnie Yontosh

 “Soup-Kitchen Scene”
 Clearfield Alliance Christian  School
 Jeff Spanogle

 “Childhood House Scene”
 Jeff & Shelly Spanogle

 “Flower shop Scene”
 Fantasy Flower & Gifts



Michael Hughes
"Guilt & Sentence Fate"
© 2010

"Guilty, Guilty, Guilty"
© 2010

Carrie & Taryn Harbridge
Original Song Composition

© 2010

"A Moment In Time"
© 2010

"Separate Paths"
© 2010

"Falling Rain"
© 2010

"Window of Hope
© 2010


Brian Schultz
© 2009

Harbridge Songs Recorded at the 
Pew Fine Arts Recital Hall
Grove City College Music Department



Demolition Car
Loner’s Salvage & Car Crushing

Transporting Demolition Car
Bigler Boyz

Clearfield Hospital Gift Shop
Beatrice Harper

Ice-cream Cake
Clearfield Dairy Queen

Police Car
Officer Todd Lombardo

School Bus
Long Motor Buses
Edward Long

Equipment Storage & Kraft Services
Thomas & Leesa Folmar

Additional Kraft Services
Jeff & Shelly Spanogle

“Patton House” Josh Wallace

 “Highway Scene”
 Drain Lick Road
 Cooper Township Board
 Charlie Saggese
 Wayne Josephson
 Kate Roberts

 “Courthouse Scene”
 Clearfield County Courthouse
 Mark B. McCracken
 Joan Robinson McMillen
 John A. Sobel
 Judge Fredric Ammerman
 Secretary Lisa McFadden

 “Graveyard Scene”
 Clearfield County

 “Jail Scene”
 Land & Mapping Services
 Stephen Dobo
 Jeffrey P. Gilmore
 James E. Pahel

 “Bret’s House”
 Joe, Sue & Arlen Zelenky

 “Break In Scene”
 Moshannon Building
 Walter Swoope

 “Library Scene”
 Shaw Public Library
 Paula Marshall

 “Driving Scenes”
 Clearfield & Center County


Silver Level:

  • Kephart Plumbing and Heating

  • Geotech Engineering, INC.

  • Charlie & Debbie Saggesse

  • Nila Force

  • Moena Restaurant

  • Dan & Carol Beahan

  • Joe Bosak

  • Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Kephart

  • Mr. & Mrs. Blaire Murray

  • Philipsburg True Value, INC.

  • Collins Rainbow Carwash

  • The March Family

  • Tubbies

  • Chris Aitken

 Bronze Level:

  •   Paul & Tony's Stereo, INC.

  •   A Delighted Heart Photography  

  •   Zachary Bordas

  •   David Southard  

  •   Commercial Printing & Office Supply, Inc.


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